A giant explosion in the center of SpaceX. The prototype of the rocket could not stand the test [VIDEO]

The most powerful rocket in the history of mankind is born in great pains. Another prototype Starship ship made history yesterday when exploded on the test bench in the Texas Boca Chica.

Tests carried out precisely in order to obtain valuable data and thus eliminate any defects which could later lead to tragedy. But sometimes everything goes according to plan, and the final result is surprising engineers. That’s what happened yesterday in the center of SpaceX MobileTech.

Prorotyp SN4 ship recently underwent a series of five successful tests of static, but yesterday, just after the last one, something went wrong and the vehicle exploded in a spectacular way. This is the fourth prototype destroyed. According to the latest information, it could be gaping liquid oxygen tank or fuel supply system. Fans SpaceX report that the explosion was so strong that it destroyed the whole of the test bed. We must bear in mind the fact that just before the outbreak of the tanks contained trace amounts of fuel in the form of methane. If the rocket was fully fueled the, the effects of the explosion would be much greater.

Although SpaceX is already working on the successor to SN4, SN5, however, soon we will not see in action. First, you will need to rebuild the post test. For some time, we all wondered whether SN4 will take flight. Now we have confidence that SN4 not fly anywhere, and soon this maneuver will be able to see in June in the case SN5.

Since the start of the construction of the ship Starship, exploded just four prototypes. The last eruption occurred on April 3rd and the SN3 concerned. Earlier explosions took place in the past year. SN4 had a few days to rise to a height of approx. 150 meters above the surface of the test facility at the Texas company SpaceX Boca Chica.

It is worth emphasizing that this explosion has nothing planned for today astronauts manned flight-2 Dragon capsule to the International Space Station. Starship ship building program, implemented by the company SpaceX, runs independently and its goal is to build a rocket that will take people to the moon and Mars.


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