Author reveals first ideas for Project Power 2 So it is with the Netflix sequel

Author reveals first ideas for “Project Power 2”: So it is with the Netflix sequel

If Project Power writer Mattson Tomlin has its way, Part 1 was just the beginning. But even if no sequel to the Netflix film has been announced so far, Tomlin now revealed what would be particularly important to him in “Project Power 2”.

“Project Power” has been running on Netflix since August 14th. The slightly different superhero film about a miracle drug that gives its users supernatural abilities for five minutes, however, not only suffers from the typical Netflix film disease (excess length), but apart from that it is not really a well-rounded affair – and therefore does not come across 2 stars in our review.

The review of “Project Power”

Critics and viewers on rating portals like MetaCritic (51 out of 100 points) and Rotten Tomatoes (59 percent) also pretty much agree that the action thriller starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Dominique Fishback is good average at best.

Nevertheless: A few days after its release, the new film by “Nerve” makers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost tops the international Netflix charts. Whether that is ultimately enough to justify “Project Power 2” will mainly depend on whether anyone will talk about the film in two or three weeks, or perhaps watch it a second or third time. At the moment it looks pretty good, but that’s always the case with large Netflix productions in the first few days – the shape curve can flatten out pretty quickly, however. So wait and see.

A sequel would be conceivable in any case, especially since the film also owes some answers to open questions. Author Mattson Tomlin now even revealed that he already has some idea of ​​where he would want to go with a sequel.

More superpowers and

In an interview with the insider, Tomlin now confirmed that “Project Power” should not herald any complex entanglements that would later be spun into a possible franchise. Instead, the film should be able to stand and function on its own.

At the same time, however, the scriptwriter expressed his desire for a sequel. “There are a lot of things in the back of my mind that I would like to explore, that I would like to play around with,” said Tomlin, who also mentions a “long, long list of people who didn’t make it into the film.”

a “long, long list of forces who didn’t make it into the film”

Because just because the superpowers in “Project Power” are based on the abilities of different animal species does not mean that there isn’t more xmovies8.

On the trail of “Star Wars”: This is how “Project Power” should inspire the Netflix audience

When asked what actually makes the appeal of being a sci-fi writer, he also replied that the stories should revolve around “something real”, something that you relate to and that is just that World happens. While “Project Power” is supposed to reflect the current balance of power and the resulting effects in various population groups in the USA, it should stay that way in “Project Power 2”.

“Yes, things like Black Lives Matter are definitely ripe for a movie if we’re lucky enough to do a sequel,” said Tomlin.

“Yes, things like Black Lives Matter are definitely ripe for a movie if we’re lucky enough to do a sequel,” said Tomlin.

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