Bargain Amazon campaign with almost 900 Blu-rays – including Midsommar and other highlights

Bargain! Amazon campaign with almost 900 Blu-rays – including “Midsommar” and other highlights

At the start of the week, Amazon is launching the “5 Blu-rays for 30 euros” campaign. There are gripping thrillers like “Midsommar”, the new actioner from Roland Emmerich and a real highlight from Germany.

New week, new offers: As of today, Amazon is offering over 860 films in a strong multibuy campaign, the unit price of which is even less than 6 euros due to the lower VAT – because the total price for five films is ultimately only 29.25 euros, even if the action is called as always:

5 Blu-rays for 30 euros *

5 Blu-rays for 30 euros *

Simply browse through the range, put the desired films in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. The discount (the individual films sometimes even cost 10 euros or more) is automatically deducted before the order process is completed.

These films are particularly worthwhile

While there should be something for everyone among the hundreds of films (from Roland Emmerich’s “Midway” to “Hellboy”), we would like to recommend some of the highlights to you.

“Das Boot”: a milestone in German film history. You don’t have to say more about Wolfgang Petersen’s cult epic (5 stars)

“The boat”:

“Midsommar”: A fucked up psycho trip by “Hereditary” maker Ari Aster and one of the most original horror thrillers of the last few years – which for the most part not only takes place in light, but even in glaring; But be careful: This is the (great) theatrical version, not the Director’s Cut, which is currently not available on DVD / Blu-ray in Germany (4 MOVIE 4k.5 stars)


“Enemies – Hostiles”: a brilliantly atmospheric western drama that develops an elemental emotional force that is seldom experienced; great as always: Christian Bale (4.5 stars)

“Enemies – Hostiles”:

“Eternal Youth”: a highly amusing, bittersweet tragic comedy with a bite and a great team of actors led by Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel (4.5 stars)

“Eternal Youth”:

“Van Gogh”: more than just a standard biopic, but an impressionistic interpretation that does justice to its subject matter (4.5 stars)

“Van Gogh”:

“Into The Wild”: a rousing road movie by Sean Penn between life and death, with which you really get wanderlust (4.5 stars)

“Into The Wild”:

“The most beautiful girl in the world”: a German teen comedy that is not only relaxed and smart, but also thoroughly romantic – without ever becoming kitschy (4 stars)

“The most beautiful girl in the world”:

“Vice”: a bitter political satire with which you can have a lot of fun (4 stars)


“Wind River”: a relentless and exciting thriller from “Sicario” author Taylor Sheridan, which exudes freezing cold – and not only because it is set in snowy Wyoming (4 stars)

“Wind River”:

“A crook and gentleman”: a wonderfully charming and incredibly easy-going heist movie – with Robert Redford as the old crook, Sissy Spacek and Casey Affleck (4 stars)

“A crook and a gentleman”:

Also: 3 series for 30 euros

Not only film fans can save now, but also series junkies. Three series series from an offer of almost 300 sets are currently also available for 30 euros (or 29.25 euros) – from “The Medici” to “jerks.” To “The Shannara Chronicles”:

3 series for 30 euros *

3 series for 30 euros *

As things stand, both campaigns will run until August 30, 2020.

As things stand, both campaigns will run until August 30, 2020.

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