Despite Corona Keanu Reeves raves about the Matrix 4 shoot in Berlin

Despite Corona! Keanu Reeves raves about the “Matrix 4” shoot in Berlin

Corona still has Germany under control, but filming can still take place again. “Matrix 4” star Keanu Reeves now reported what such a pandemic shoot looks like.

Despite the corona pandemic, Hollywood is slowly coming back to life – but above all abroad, for example in Germany when shooting the new “Matrix”, which is being shot in Berlin and the Babelsberg film studios in Potsdam.

When Covid-19 exploded in the spring, the “Matrix 4” filming was about to move from San Francisco to Germany. Of course, that didn’t happen at first. Now filming is in full swing and lead actor Keanu Reeves (“John Wick”) revealed in an interview with AP how the work on the sequel is going – he was full of praise!

“Matrix 4” rotation runs like clockwork

Director Lana Wachowski is currently filming with her crew in Berlin and, according to Reeves, everything is going like clockwork. “If you have a situation where you have to think, ‘How do we do it,” then show business people are the best for it, “he said proudly and raved about the inventive spirit of the industry, which is particularly helpful in times of Corona.

“If you have a situation where you have to think, ‘How do we do this,” show business people are the best for it “

“The Batman”, “Lord of the Rings” and Co. can be filmed again

Reeves reported that there were sophisticated security protocols that did not affect or interrupt work. He is sure that you will feel the love for the project and the innovative atmosphere on the set in the end in “The Matrix 4” on the big screen.

Laurence Fishburne talks about Morpheus in “Matrix 4”

The specific plot for the sequel, which is rumored to follow the three films that have already been completed, is still a secret. We don’t yet know how Reeves will return as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinitiy. In the end, both characters died in “Matrix: Revolutions”.

There will definitely not be a reunion with “Morpheus” actor Laurence Fishburne in “Matrix 4”. The actor revealed that to New York Magazine (via The Wrap) 9MOVIES. “I wasn’t asked,” he said, wishing the production team good luck.

Morpheus could still play a role in “Matrix 4”. And in a younger version, played by another actor. We’ll keep you posted.

“Matrix 4” is due to hit theaters on March 31, 2022. If you can’t wait that long: You can find the “Matrix” trilogy on Amazon Prime Video *.


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