Game Of Thrones star would love to have season 8 re-shoot

“Game Of Thrones” star would love to have season 8 re-shoot

The finale of the fantasy series “Game Of Thrones” was not well received by many fans – and not all of the actors were enthusiastic about the end of the HBO hit. In any case, Charles Dance would support a “remake” from last season.

For all those who have still not seen “Game Of Thrones” for whatever reasons, but are still planning to do so, we would like to issue a spoiler warning for “Game Of Thrones” at this point – even if most of the people who watch the series only rudimentarily interested, should have been through it long ago.

Game Of Thrones spoiler warning

The visually stunning HBO series has been the measure of all things in the TV world in the last decade, has won countless awards and has been watched and celebrated by many, many people around the world. Especially with the final eighth season, however, you didn’t make many friends.

Here and there too dark, but above all too rushed and poor narrative quality compared to the previous seasons, the allegations and many viewers wanted a more coherent conclusion for the series.

many viewers wanted a more coherent ending to the series.

This ultimately even led to a petition for a re-shoot of the last season, which on received a whopping 1.8 million votes. And had Tywin Lannister actor Charles Dance got wind of it in time, he would have signed it – the actor now revealed in an interview with

Charles Dance disappoints with the “GOT” final

The dance known from “The Crown” and “Godzilla 2: King Of The Monsters” (and of course “Last Action Hero”!) Played in the series Tywin Lannister, the father of Jamie (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), Cersei (Lena Headey) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), who died in season 4. Dance had watched the series, which he still found “fantastic”, but nonetheless finished. Even if he is only partially pleased about it.

“Well, if there was a petition, I would sign it,” said Dance in an interview, during which he only found out about the petition from the past.

“I know that the final satisfied some people, but many others were disappointed. I’m afraid I’m one of the latter, ”said Tywin actor Charles Dance.

“I know that the final satisfied some people, but many others were disappointed. I’m afraid I’m one of the latter, ”said Tywin actor Charles Dance.

In the same breath, the three-time Emmy nominee praises the authors around David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, who have set new standards for him on television. Precisely because of this, the actor was relatively unimpressed by the supposedly grand finale.

“Game Of Thrones” on DVD, Blu-ray and in stream

If you haven’t seen “Game Of Thrones” at all, but would rather watch it late than never to finally know what exactly everyone has been talking about over the past few years, you can currently get all eight seasons on Sky X or Sky Ticket * by subscription – and is therefore much cheaper than at Amazon Prime Video *, where you can currently buy the individual seasons for 14 Rainier Land.61 euros.

In addition, the complete set with all episodes is of course also available on DVD and Blu-ray *. Those who also attach particular importance to the fact that the whole thing looks good on the shelf will be served with the Limited Collector’s Edition * available exclusively from Amazon – which is currently available for just under 245 euros instead of 399.99 euros.

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