It is now certain that diet and exercise can cure more than 60% of diabetics

Over the years, the topic of diabetes treatment conducted so many tests, it is easy to get lost in all this, but the latest of them, on diet and physical activity should dispel all doubts.

Recent studies summarizing clinical tests confirm that proper diet and exercise is the main front of struggle with type 2 diabetes, which allows up to two thirds of ailing achieve remission after 12 months of lifestyle changes. It is true that for a long time, we know that proper nutrition and physical activity are crucial not only for diabetics, but all the other people who want long to enjoy good health, but have not we all want to believe that it is possible an effective fight against diabetes without any medication. The new research provides hard evidence that has been obtained from 150 diabetics participating in the tests (they were all up to 3 years from diagnosis and the average age was 42 years).

The subjects were randomly divided into two groups, that is controlled, typical of his illness care, and second, who received a special program of diet and exercise. This initially assumed 12-week low-calorie diet known as the Cambridge Weight Plan, followed by 12 weeks of changes in the generally accepted healthy diet, but set inside a fixed limit calories. What’s more, this group also had to spend a week at least 150 minutes of physical activity and making a recommendation received at least 10,000 steps a day.

After 12 months, it turned out that a person with a statistical group on a healthy diet and exercise lost weight on average 12 kg, while in the control group were only 4 kg. But what is most surprising, after 12 months, 61% of study participants from the first group could no longer be called diabetics, because their disease was in remission, that is, we are talking about the same level as in patients treated with the standard. Partly responsible for this, of course, weight loss, because as we know from many other studies, obesity has a major impact on the risk of developing diabetes.

According to Taheri Shahrad of Medicine Weill Cornell-Qatar, which in 2017 conducted a study to see how diabetes affects the weight loss itself – it seems to be a real game-changer in terms of approach to type 2 diabetes Shows that if the patient lose weight at an early stage of the disease, can completely get rid of the disease and at the same time bonding with her health problems and difficulties in everyday life PREMIUMART. Similar conclusions were reached by British scientists in 2018, who achieved complete remission of diabetes in 46% of patients who have introduced strict weight control. It should be noted that while diet and physical activity are essential for diabetics of all ages, the sooner we implement them, the better the results we achieve. There is therefore nothing else but hope that soon we will see a change in the approach to diabetes from both physicians and patients.


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