New on Netflix today an amazing original thriller with a nasty twist

New on Netflix today: an amazing, original thriller with a nasty twist!

In “Searching”, which you can watch for the first time on Netflix today, the exciting events are told exclusively on computer screens. Especially in the dramatic moments, the production convinces with very good ideas.

The childhood of the teenage girl Margot (Michelle La) and the cancer of her mother Pamela (Sara Sohn) are told in “Searching” as a collage of family photos on the computer and with the help of a desktop calendar entry about the mother’s hospital discharge, this date several times backwards is moved:

These are simple, effective ideas with which the characters in “Searching” are brought closer to us, although we as viewers only get to see computer screens.

When Margot suddenly disappears, her papa Kim (John Cho) tries to explain the whereabouts of the daughter. To do this, he primarily uses the information that Margot has left behind on her computer in folders and social networks. The thriller story is told with a mallet, but still exciting – and has a twist that not every viewer will foreseen by any means.

and has a twist that certainly not every viewer will foresee.

You can read a detailed opinion on the film in the review by Christoph Petersen:

review of “Searching”

As of today, the desktop thriller “Searching”, which ran in cinemas in 2018, is available on Netflix.

As of today, the desktop thriller “Searching”, which ran in cinemas in 2018, is available on Netflix 123Movie.

Incidentally, “Searching” producer Timur Bekmambetov had his fingers in several desktop horror films and thrillers. He produced the equally remarkable “Unknown User” and “Unknown User: Dark Web”, and he also directed the desktop terror drama “Profile”.


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