New to Amazon Prime Video a revolutionary fireworks display that only ran in theaters in 2019

New to Amazon Prime Video: a revolutionary fireworks display that only ran in theaters in 2019

Visually, it was one of the big cinema highlights of 2019, but nonetheless went quite a bath at the box office: Those who missed “Gemini Man” on the screen can now easily catch up with a Prime subscription – but have to cut back on it.

What’s better than Will Smith? Two Will Smiths! And that’s exactly what it was, at least more or less, in “Gemini Man” by master director Ang Lee (“Tiger

The audience was already rather taken with the film and at least gave it a strong audience rating of 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But that doesn’t help if “Gemini Man” simply hasn’t seen enough people in the end. If you would take a look but don’t want to actively spend money on it, you can now easily catch up on the film:

“Gemini Man” is now included in the subscription to Amazon Prime Video *.

“Gemini Man” is now included in the subscription to Amazon Prime Video *.

Despite the rather moderate response from the critics, we can definitely recommend the film – even if not necessarily as a stream …

This is “Gemini Man” with Will Smith

In the near future: Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is the best assassin of the American secret service with 72 killings on behalf of the DIA, but at the age of 51 he also wants to retire. But nothing will come of it that quickly. Because when he is drawn into a conspiracy involving the highest levels of government, the head of the Gemini (Clive Owen) secret project wants to pull him out of circulation once and for all. And he has the ideal man for the job: Junior (an animated Will Smith) – a younger version of the infamous top killer …

Does that sound like fun 90s action to you? No wonder, after all, the first script version of the film was written over 20 years ago! A good 3.5 out of 5 possible stars in the review was awarded for “Gemini Man” anyway, not for the story, but above all for the technically revolutionary implementation – which inevitably loses its force in the stream.

“Gemini Man”: Especially worthwhile in 3D

Shot at 120 frames per second, the futuristic action thriller offers crystal-clear depth of field down to the last corner and a visually outstanding cinema experience, especially on the big screen. But “Gemini Man” can also be experienced more thrillingly in the home theater.

“Absolutely enjoy in 3D!” Says our review of the film, in which, thanks to Ang Lee’s extraordinary approach, you are not only a viewer on the technical side, but also right in the middle, so that the balls literally fly around your ears. While Amazon Prime Video is increasingly offering more and more films in 4K quality, the offer is limited to 2D. Those who remain loyal to the (once again dying out) 3D format will get one of the greatest highlights of recent years with the Will Smith vehicle – but only on disc.

If you don’t just want to watch “Gemini Man”, but really want to experience it, you are best served with the 3D Blu-ray * from the high-tech production, which of course also contains the 2D version.

“There is no reference for our film”: Will Smith in the interview for “Gemini Man”


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