Tenet has an even better score than Inception Christopher Nolans cameo is hidden on the soundtrack

“Tenet” has an even better score than “Inception”: Christopher Nolan’s cameo is hidden on the soundtrack!

Even better than the “Inception” roar of Hans Zimmer: “Tenet” sets new standards in terms of experimental blockbuster scores! We spoke to Christopher Nolan and Ludwig Göransson about the sound at a press conference.

In “Tenet” there is not only forward or backward. Rather, it becomes particularly fascinating when things are going backwards and forwards at the same time. The result is action scenes like you’ve never seen them on the big screen – and that includes a score like you’ve never heard in the cinema.

The result is action scenes like never before seen on the big screen

Last week we took part in a Zoom press conference with Christopher Nolan, his stars and his Oscar-winning composer Ludwig Göransson for the soundtrack of “Black Panther”. It wasn’t just about the creation of the groundbreaking and driving experimental score – but also about how Christopher Nolan personally immortalized himself on the soundtrack of his new science fiction spy blockbuster.

how Christopher Nolan personally immortalized himself on the soundtrack of his new science fiction espionage blockbuster.

Sound like never before

Ludwig Göransson: “I came across the film very early in the process. Six months before Chris left to start filming. After reading the script, I quickly understood that this is a world we have never seen or experienced before. So we needed a different sound, a completely different quality of music. A sound that stands out from anything we’ve ever heard before.

Ludwig Göransson:

In the beginning I worked with Chris once a week – and I started composing demos very early on. In his office we dissected the music, what works and what doesn’t. We created our very own world of sound and music very early on. “

Christopher Nolan’s Breath Sounds

When asked which technical toys he used for the score, Ludwig Göransson asked:

When asked which technical toys he used for the score, Ludwig Göransson asked:

“Lots of toys. But also a lot of organic instruments. I like to take sounds that we know well and then manipulate them so much that you can’t really be sure what exactly it is. At the beginning Chris and I discussed a lot about how to use the guitar in new ways – so I experimented a lot with guitars. I chased them through a range of toys, effects, and audio manipulations.

A large part of the score consists of guitars and ambient noise that you never really know what you are dealing with. We also use some human sounds – like someone breathing very hard into a microphone. That was Chris ‘idea for the villain of the film – part of the score is actually Christopher Nolan, whom I manipulated into that really uncomfortable breathing sound.

Christopher Nolan’s vision for a good score

Christopher Nolan: “For me it is important that the music merges with the general sound design to form a unit. So we got our sound designer Richard King involved very early on to see where we were going with the whole thing. One of the things I particularly enjoyed about working with Ludwig is his approach to creating sound from scratch. There is nothing that creates specific associations in the listener – in a way, everything is completely fresh.

Christopher Nolan:

As a result, the music takes on more of the function of traditional sound design. It works directly on the subconscious. It forms the DNA of the film. The fact that Ludwig had to start so early is because I don’t use temporary music when editing. So I don’t use music from other or previous films as a placeholder until the new score is written. Instead, Ludwig built the noises – and we cut the film directly with the original demos. That connects the music very closely with the sound of the world we were trying to create.

It works directly on the subconscious. It forms the DNA of the film.

Is it normal for Hollywood studios to allow their directors to gamble on experimental avant-garde film music for their $ 200 million blockbusters? A rhetorical question, because the answer is of course “no”. Probably nobody but Christopher Nolan would have gotten away with it. That’s why you not only see things with him that you have never seen before, you also hear things that you have never heard before.

Probably nobody but Christopher Nolan would have gotten away with it.

Although that often changes very quickly after the cinema releases: After the success of “Inception”, the iconic Hans Zimmer roar finally appeared in almost every second Hollywood blockbuster in the following years …

“Tenet” will be shown in German cinemas on August 26, 2020.

“Tenet” will be shown in German cinemas on August 26, 2020 Cmovieshd.

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Like every year with Lucifer we ask ourselves with season 5 Who the hell is the guy at the beginning

Like every year with “Lucifer” we ask ourselves with season 5: Who the hell is the guy at the beginning?

We already (correctly) foresaw it last year: At the beginning of the fifth season there is also a reunion with an old friend who has meanwhile developed into a veritable running gag in the “Lucifer” universe.

In the first episode of season 5, what has been prepared for years in the series “Lucifer” pays off! And we already predicted it after the start of season 4: After Lee Gardner (Jeremiah Birkett) appeared again and again briefly in previous seasons, which in the meantime had already achieved the status of a running gag, he is now playing for the first time in the episode “Sad Devil” a central and at the same time incredibly tragic role.

Of course we don’t want to spoil the new episode for you. Instead, we want to refresh your memory where the petty criminal has appeared in previous seasons. (Of course, this development wasn’t planned for this character when Lee first appeared in “Lucifer” a few years ago – but it’s still nice when things that have developed over the years pay off in series at some point.)

we would like to refresh your memory at which places the petty criminal has already appeared in the previous seasons.

The meeting in the 2nd and 3rd season

At the beginning of the second season, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) confront the robber when he is about to raid a jewelry store. They suspect that the soul of their mother who escaped from hell could be in Lee’s body. This quickly turns out to be wrong, but Lucifer punishes the unsuccessful thief by removing his weapon and clothes, while Amenadiel slows down time. Lee is caught by the police and put in jail.

In season 3, after being knocked unconscious and waking up in the desert, Lucifer stops a money truck speeding through the wasteland. At the wheel is none other than Lee, who stole the vehicle in order to finally steal the money he needed to pay his debts and be free. The two recognize each other again, which leads Lee to tell Lucifer to get out. When Lucifer asks in a friendly manner for Lee’s name, he simply repeats his request with the words “Get out of here, you weirdo!”, Which is why Lucifer also calls him Mr.-Get-out-here-you-weird from now on.

The encounter in the 4th season

After Chloe (Lauren German) saw the real face of her devilish partner at the end of the third season and ran away for the first time, Lucifer mourns the police officer at the beginning of the fourth season 123MOVIES. One evening he is suddenly torn from his depressive warbling at the piano in the Lux night club by a group of masked robbers. It is no stranger to Lucifer (again) holding a pistol to his head.

It is no stranger to Lucifer (again) holding a pistol to his head.

When he sees the face of his counterpart, the prince of Hell greets him kindly as Mr.-Get-out-of-here-you-crazy, alluding to the earlier meeting of the two in the desert. The devil, however, is hardly impressed by the threats; instead, he throws Lee’s plans once again through the bill. To be able to return to Los Angeles, he takes both his transporter and the stolen uniform from the thief. Lee remains half-naked in the desert again.

Don’t you remember the encounters between Lee and Lucifer of the poor, poor pirates from the “Asterix” comics, who are beaten up again by the Gauls in every volume and left shipwrecked at sea?

Don’t you remember the encounters between Lee and Lucifer from the poor, poor pirates from the “Asterix” comics

The first eight episodes of season 5 are available in Germany on Amazon Prime Video *. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear when the other episodes of the fifth season will be published.


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FSK approval finally confirms After Truth will be much sexier than After Passion

FSK approval finally confirms: “After Truth” will be much sexier than “After Passion”

We already suspected it after the trailer – and now the confirmation from the FSK: After “After Passion” was released for ages 0 and up, the sequel “After Truth” is no longer for children …

Everything spoke in favor of the fact that “After Truth” will be a bit more revealing and passionate than the previous one. The trailer for the “After Passion” sequel alone is hotter than in the entire first part, which the FSK released last year from 0 (!) Years. A classification with rarity, at least when it comes to supposedly intimate love stories.

The second part of the bestseller film adaptation is now, as expected, but really nothing for children – teenagers, on the other hand, can look forward to the cinema release on September 3, 2020:

The FSK has approved “After Truth” from 12 years of age.

The FSK has approved “After Truth” from 12 years of age.

This is how it continues in “After Passion 2”

After being hurt too badly by Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin), Tessa (Josephine Langford) decides to end the relationship. Now that she knows his real face, she not only feels betrayed, but downright humiliated. She wants her old life back from Hardin, but that’s easier said than done – especially since she keeps thinking about how passionate their relationship was yesmovies.

Even if she was bitterly disappointed by him, she still longs for his kisses, his love – and is ultimately still willing to give him a second chance. But Hardin has to change for this and, among other things, get the jealousy of Tessa’s work colleague Trevor (Dylan Sprouse) under control …

The author of the book is now on board

The higher age rating for the sequel comes as no surprise – after all, Hardin and Tessa no longer have to start from scratch with their love affair and have also become older and therefore more mature. It only fits if you want to appeal to a somewhat older audience. And that this would happen was foreseeable for a long time.

Because the author of the novel *, Anna Todd, personally wanted to ensure that some things change in Part 2. She was already on board as a producer for “After Passion”, but at the time left the script to others. This time, it is she herself who created a script from her novel – and one that is no longer as suitable for children as possible. In advance, the author promised an R rating for the USA (approved from 17 years of age).

If you want to get in the mood with Part 1 before the cinema release next week, you can currently watch “After Passion” on subscription from Sky Ticket * – or alternatively buy the film on DVD and Blu-ray * or as a digital version *.


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Star Wars Mark Hamill explains the cut scene he misses

‘Star Wars’ Mark Hamill explains the cut scene he misses

In a video call on a screenwriting Mark Hamill has explained in detail why he misses Luke Skywalker’s original introduction to “Episode 4”. Which was indeed shot (you can see them on Disney +), but not used.

Whether it’s just the age or question his personality was, once an open question. Anyway, the 68-year-old Mark Hamill is one of those “Star Wars” -Schauspielern who share their thoughts on the film series comparatively open. On primewire you can watch all Star Wars movies online.

Hamill made no secret that he had problems accepting Luke Skywalker’s story in “Star Wars 8” – now he has spoken in a video talking about Luke’s first appearance in the saga, in which he misses something.

In “Star Wars 4: A New Hope” (1977) we learn the young Luke here know how he buys with his uncle new droid. However, turned director George Lucas yet another implementation, the hatch with his buddy Biggs (Garrick Hagon) and other young people of Tatooine shows (the scene found on Disney + in the film entry for “Episode 4” under Tools).

Mark Hamill understands that Lucas was this introduction too slow and it was therefore not used – but they lacked anyway.

Luke: An apolitical outsider

In the video interview series Russo Bros. Pizza Film School, which was established by the “Avengers 4” -Regisseuren to life, says Mark Hamill:

“There are some things in the scene showing Luke’s personality well. Number one: His people make fun of him. So he’s not particularly cool or funny. […] Then he meets Biggs Darklighter and you can see that we are good friends. He has participated in an imperial uniform and I say something like, ‘Wow! That’s great. I can not wait until I come down from this garbage dump of planet and connect me to you. ‘And Biggs takes me outside and tells me that he would join the rebels as soon as that is possible. ”

Hamill liked at the scene, especially that they show Luke as apolitical young man who would also join the empire, just to get away from Tatooine (where he later told Obi-Wan says that he hates the Empire).

it is also been the death of Luke’s buddy Biggs in the earlier version of the story, the hatch was motivated to eliminate the target control in the attack on the Death Star and to rely only on the power (Biggs was one of the other rebel pilots).

Only later Obi-Wan’s voice was added, calling on the hatch, the power instead to use an electronic sighting.

The entire conversation between Mark Hamill and Marvel creators you see in the video (there comes Hamill also like to mention another romantic scene between Luke and Leia, that would later be revealed as siblings):

The entire conversation between Mark Hamill and Marvel creators you see in the video

In the opinion of video I explain why I Lukes introduction like very much and I do not need the extra scene:

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A giant explosion in the center of SpaceX. The prototype of the rocket could not stand the test [VIDEO]

The most powerful rocket in the history of mankind is born in great pains. Another prototype Starship ship made history yesterday when exploded on the test bench in the Texas Boca Chica.

Tests carried out precisely in order to obtain valuable data and thus eliminate any defects which could later lead to tragedy. But sometimes everything goes according to plan, and the final result is surprising engineers. That’s what happened yesterday in the center of SpaceX MobileTech.

Prorotyp SN4 ship recently underwent a series of five successful tests of static, but yesterday, just after the last one, something went wrong and the vehicle exploded in a spectacular way. This is the fourth prototype destroyed. According to the latest information, it could be gaping liquid oxygen tank or fuel supply system. Fans SpaceX report that the explosion was so strong that it destroyed the whole of the test bed. We must bear in mind the fact that just before the outbreak of the tanks contained trace amounts of fuel in the form of methane. If the rocket was fully fueled the, the effects of the explosion would be much greater.

Although SpaceX is already working on the successor to SN4, SN5, however, soon we will not see in action. First, you will need to rebuild the post test. For some time, we all wondered whether SN4 will take flight. Now we have confidence that SN4 not fly anywhere, and soon this maneuver will be able to see in June in the case SN5.

Since the start of the construction of the ship Starship, exploded just four prototypes. The last eruption occurred on April 3rd and the SN3 concerned. Earlier explosions took place in the past year. SN4 had a few days to rise to a height of approx. 150 meters above the surface of the test facility at the Texas company SpaceX Boca Chica.

It is worth emphasizing that this explosion has nothing planned for today astronauts manned flight-2 Dragon capsule to the International Space Station. Starship ship building program, implemented by the company SpaceX, runs independently and its goal is to build a rocket that will take people to the moon and Mars.


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Capsule Dragon-2 flew astronauts to the International Space Station [VIDEO]

Twice. On Saturday (30.05) has finally managed to shoot in the direction of the International Space Station Falcon-9 rocket capsule Dragon-2, in which there were two astronauts. Here is the beginning of the era of cheap flights into space smartuser.

The first time, last Wednesday (27.05), stormy weather thwarted the plans of NASA and SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk. The second time he was successful. On Saturday (30.05) promptly at 21:22 of the famous platform LC-39A, the same, from which more than 50 years ago, there were flights to the moon in the Apollo program, launched rocket Falcon-9 capsule Dragon-2.

On board were astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, who on Sunday (31.05) afternoon arrive on board the International Space Station, where until September will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Blue Planet from space. A few minutes after takeoff rocket Falcon-9, the mobile platform floating on the Atlantic Ocean defects, landed successfully main member of the rockets. It will be used in subsequent projects. Thanks to this mission was incomparably cheaper than those from the time of the shuttles, and even the recent, conducted by the Russian Sojuzy.

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are the first astronauts on the station reaching from the United States for nine years, so since the end of the shuttle era, and the first in history, who flew into space aboard a capsule built by a private company. In the meantime, astronauts could fly only on the Earth’s orbit Soyuz ships belonging to the Russians. They took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Another start-Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for September. This time capsule on board the Dragon-2 will be four astronauts will also be aimed at the International Space Station. In the shadow of a successful manned flight-2 Dragon capsule to the ISS, SpaceX is building a much more powerful transportation system for astronauts.

This refers to the ship Starship. It will transport astronauts, not only between the surface of the Earth, the moon, as well as Moon Port Space (the successor to the International Space Station) and the surface of the moon. Elon Musk has recently announced that there will also be a modified version of the Dragon capsule with a note XL. According to the plan, the vehicle has to deliver supplies to the Moon Spaceport.

In addition to SpaceX, a manned capsule Boeing builds yet, and a small shuttle Sierra Nevada Corporation. NASA will also have your vehicle in the form of Orion. The commercial success of the first manned flight means that the Americans regained independence flights on the Space Station. It is also the first step to launch low-cost flights for all of us, eg. For the space hotels, which in the future are formed on Earth’s orbit.


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See historic launch of the Dragon-2 capsule with astronauts in great quality 4K [VIDEO]

Surely most of you were disgusted poor quality video from the first start of the US astronauts in a capsule belonging to a private company. Now NASA and SpaceX is rehabilitated.

In the end, we can see the entire record of this historical event in the great quality 4K. And the movies made in a variety of shots, which are not shown during transmission. NASA and SpaceX all carefully documented in the best quality, but at the time of the broadcast audience was so large that we all had to settle for a hard-fetched HD quality. As always, everything was guilty of inefficient servers.

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley for a few days longer on board the International Space Station. Apart from them, the locals are: Christopher Cassidy (USA), Anatoly Iwaniszyn (Russia) and Ivan Wagner (Russia). Astronauts will remain there until September.

Another start-Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for late August and September tech smart. This time capsule on board the Dragon-2 will be four astronauts, including three Americans and Japanese, whose purpose will also be the International Space Station.


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We have found similar to the planet Earth, which revolves around the sun-like star

About this amazing discovery, astronomers inform the Max Planck Institute in Germany. These are the most faithful copies of the Earth and the Sun, which so far observed. Perhaps there is life there.

Humanity since space surveillance discovered more than 4,000 alien planets. Only some of them may be suitable for life. Scientists believe, however, that in the whole universe globes similar to Earth may be billions. The discovery of the most interesting letter appears to be only a matter of time.

Every day we are approaching the moment of detection of a second Earth, where they prevailed ideal conditions for the flourishing of biological life that we know well. Although the journey there is not yet possible for hundreds of years, it is important that we have already spare planet on which we could settle in the future for fear of a global cataclysm.

This may all seem like fiction, however, we have no other choice. Now you need to develop technologies and take steps that will allow us to adequately protect faster against the upcoming disaster. Astronomers believe that it can not be avoided, it is only a matter of time. Earth 2.0 also looking for another reason, a more existential link network. Since the dawn of time, we want to get the answer to the question of whether we are alone in the universe.

Excellent in this respect the system is going to be a star Kepler-160 and exoplanets KOI-456.04. They are 3000 years light from Earth. Lies in the so-called exoplanet. ecosphere, which means that there is a high probability of occurrence on the rocky globe filled with atmospheric oxygen and water in liquid form, i.e. the key elements necessary for the development of life.

Interestingly, recent studies show that the system Kepler-160 may be more planets. So far discovered two, and now talking about the next two. Perhaps there is intelligent life out there. Research icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn have shown us that simple forms of life can function in the most extreme conditions. This fact should still under consideration in their missions for a second Earth.


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It is now certain that diet and exercise can cure more than 60% of diabetics

Over the years, the topic of diabetes treatment conducted so many tests, it is easy to get lost in all this, but the latest of them, on diet and physical activity should dispel all doubts.

Recent studies summarizing clinical tests confirm that proper diet and exercise is the main front of struggle with type 2 diabetes, which allows up to two thirds of ailing achieve remission after 12 months of lifestyle changes. It is true that for a long time, we know that proper nutrition and physical activity are crucial not only for diabetics, but all the other people who want long to enjoy good health, but have not we all want to believe that it is possible an effective fight against diabetes without any medication. The new research provides hard evidence that has been obtained from 150 diabetics participating in the tests (they were all up to 3 years from diagnosis and the average age was 42 years).

The subjects were randomly divided into two groups, that is controlled, typical of his illness care, and second, who received a special program of diet and exercise. This initially assumed 12-week low-calorie diet known as the Cambridge Weight Plan, followed by 12 weeks of changes in the generally accepted healthy diet, but set inside a fixed limit calories. What’s more, this group also had to spend a week at least 150 minutes of physical activity and making a recommendation received at least 10,000 steps a day.

After 12 months, it turned out that a person with a statistical group on a healthy diet and exercise lost weight on average 12 kg, while in the control group were only 4 kg. But what is most surprising, after 12 months, 61% of study participants from the first group could no longer be called diabetics, because their disease was in remission, that is, we are talking about the same level as in patients treated with the standard. Partly responsible for this, of course, weight loss, because as we know from many other studies, obesity has a major impact on the risk of developing diabetes.

According to Taheri Shahrad of Medicine Weill Cornell-Qatar, which in 2017 conducted a study to see how diabetes affects the weight loss itself – it seems to be a real game-changer in terms of approach to type 2 diabetes Shows that if the patient lose weight at an early stage of the disease, can completely get rid of the disease and at the same time bonding with her health problems and difficulties in everyday life PREMIUMART. Similar conclusions were reached by British scientists in 2018, who achieved complete remission of diabetes in 46% of patients who have introduced strict weight control. It should be noted that while diet and physical activity are essential for diabetics of all ages, the sooner we implement them, the better the results we achieve. There is therefore nothing else but hope that soon we will see a change in the approach to diabetes from both physicians and patients.


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View of the Russian accident flying motorcycle for police officers in Dubai [VIDEO]

Valfajr is a Dubai police for several years testing a futuristic means of transport, which would allow officers to quickly and efficiently take part in actions against criminals. Unfortunately, not everything goes according to plan.

Flying motorcycle from Hoversurf resembles a water scooter Batman. Is made of lightweight materials, therefore, it weighs only 112 kg. It is equipped with four electric motors that allow the user to take your cargo weighing up to 100 kilograms. The vehicle can travel at speeds up to 100 km / h.

Scorpion is equipped with a powerful rechargeable batteries. Engineers from Hoversurf ensure that, under normal conditions, the police will be able to take flights lasting up to 25 minutes. It is enough to fall off during a patrol of the city and a large part of both the street level, as well as with a bird, see if everything is ok.

Valfajr is a Dubai police vehicle tests from 3 years with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, just the network appeared in the movie, where we can see what we are afraid of everyone interested in such inventions. During the tests the crash. Probably there was a failure of one of the engines. As a result, the test pilot fell from the vehicle to the ground from a height of several meters.

Although the case seemed quite scary, the operator nothing serious had happened. The same can not be said about the vehicle, which is no longer suitable for further use. Rapidly rotating rotors could yet tear apart the remote control. Well, the Russian company will still have to work a bit on his invention, not to constitute a threat to police officers, citizens and tourists tech stream.


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