See historic launch of the Dragon-2 capsule with astronauts in great quality 4K [VIDEO]

Surely most of you were disgusted poor quality video from the first start of the US astronauts in a capsule belonging to a private company. Now NASA and SpaceX is rehabilitated.

In the end, we can see the entire record of this historical event in the great quality 4K. And the movies made in a variety of shots, which are not shown during transmission. NASA and SpaceX all carefully documented in the best quality, but at the time of the broadcast audience was so large that we all had to settle for a hard-fetched HD quality. As always, everything was guilty of inefficient servers.

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley for a few days longer on board the International Space Station. Apart from them, the locals are: Christopher Cassidy (USA), Anatoly Iwaniszyn (Russia) and Ivan Wagner (Russia). Astronauts will remain there until September.

Another start-Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled for late August and September tech smart. This time capsule on board the Dragon-2 will be four astronauts, including three Americans and Japanese, whose purpose will also be the International Space Station.


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