Star Wars Mark Hamill explains the cut scene he misses

‘Star Wars’ Mark Hamill explains the cut scene he misses

In a video call on a screenwriting Mark Hamill has explained in detail why he misses Luke Skywalker’s original introduction to “Episode 4”. Which was indeed shot (you can see them on Disney +), but not used.

Whether it’s just the age or question his personality was, once an open question. Anyway, the 68-year-old Mark Hamill is one of those “Star Wars” -Schauspielern who share their thoughts on the film series comparatively open. On primewire you can watch all Star Wars movies online.

Hamill made no secret that he had problems accepting Luke Skywalker’s story in “Star Wars 8” – now he has spoken in a video talking about Luke’s first appearance in the saga, in which he misses something.

In “Star Wars 4: A New Hope” (1977) we learn the young Luke here know how he buys with his uncle new droid. However, turned director George Lucas yet another implementation, the hatch with his buddy Biggs (Garrick Hagon) and other young people of Tatooine shows (the scene found on Disney + in the film entry for “Episode 4” under Tools).

Mark Hamill understands that Lucas was this introduction too slow and it was therefore not used – but they lacked anyway.

Luke: An apolitical outsider

In the video interview series Russo Bros. Pizza Film School, which was established by the “Avengers 4” -Regisseuren to life, says Mark Hamill:

“There are some things in the scene showing Luke’s personality well. Number one: His people make fun of him. So he’s not particularly cool or funny. […] Then he meets Biggs Darklighter and you can see that we are good friends. He has participated in an imperial uniform and I say something like, ‘Wow! That’s great. I can not wait until I come down from this garbage dump of planet and connect me to you. ‘And Biggs takes me outside and tells me that he would join the rebels as soon as that is possible. ”

Hamill liked at the scene, especially that they show Luke as apolitical young man who would also join the empire, just to get away from Tatooine (where he later told Obi-Wan says that he hates the Empire).

it is also been the death of Luke’s buddy Biggs in the earlier version of the story, the hatch was motivated to eliminate the target control in the attack on the Death Star and to rely only on the power (Biggs was one of the other rebel pilots).

Only later Obi-Wan’s voice was added, calling on the hatch, the power instead to use an electronic sighting.

The entire conversation between Mark Hamill and Marvel creators you see in the video (there comes Hamill also like to mention another romantic scene between Luke and Leia, that would later be revealed as siblings):

The entire conversation between Mark Hamill and Marvel creators you see in the video

In the opinion of video I explain why I Lukes introduction like very much and I do not need the extra scene:

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