Update Google Maps help in time travel CoVID-19

The American company has decided to update its services again, so we’ll find out, for example. How are crowded public transport or places to which we can not go due to transport limitations.

Google Maps from the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus are a very useful tool because it first appeared in the warning messages are related to CoVID-19 that appear at medical facilities, when a user searches for them. We find out then that if you suspect coronavirus infection at home, we should before going to the facility to perform there the phone to inform you about your symptoms and get tips proceedings. Then the company has published reports on the movement of the population during a pandemic for 131 countries, including Polish, from which we can learn about the number of people appearing in such places as parks, pharmacies and shops.

You also can not forget that thanks to Google Maps we check the traffic in specific stores, including the days of the week and specific hours to choose a less frequented, and then extended them for a list of restaurants available during a pandemic (delivery and self-acceptance), we They can safely order something to eat. Today, it turns out that this is not the end of the new functionality, because Google wants to improve the safety of our traveling during the pandemic, which is why Google Maps again been enhanced.

As of right now new functionalities are not available in all countries, but as is usually the case with Google in the end probably will go everywhere games art movies. A question of notifications showing the restrictions on movement during a pandemic or information about how crowded is currently in a variety of public transport. If you select the target and the road leading to it, the Google Maps inform us of the necessity of wearing a mask, designated checkpoints or other unusual difficulties arising from the pandemic.

As reported in a special Google blog post, this information is collected from local, state and federal offices and their websites. So far alerts operate in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, France, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States of course, but extend the availability is only a matter of time. What’s more, the people of Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and the United States can count on special reports, if you indicate that choose to point testing CoVID-19 to make sure you meet all the requirements.


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